So we literally live in garbage.
I stumbled across this place while heading into town along Hütteldorfer Strasse on my way to my bank.
The smell of gravel and dust first and foremost drew my attention to this construction site. At second glance, I realized that there was a lot of styrofoam in all these piled up sacks. I was already aware of the fact that Styrofoam was often blown into partition walls as insulation, but in view of my current confrontation with the topic of "garbage", new dimension levels unfolded for me. Every day we are confronted with issues such as climate change, pollution, scarcity of resources and emission-free alternatives and yet plastic particles are blown into building walls every day.

I have given one of the paintings the title “the crime” as the styrofoam filled sacks are locked away like criminals and stored behind a curtain hidden from the eyes of others. Waiting to be used. The place, a crime scene. A crime against the environment. Hidden and yet a matter of course in today's construction industry.